Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add more cameras to my system?
Yes, dependant on the model of your DVR you can either add an additional 2 or 4 cabled BNC cameras, or add IP cameras via WiFi.
Will my cameras work at night?
Yes, all  cameras have infrared night vision and are equipped to function at night.
Do the cameras record in colour or black and white?
Colour in the day, black and white in low light conditions  (When infrared night vision is activated)
Are the cameras wireless?
We do have different models, wired and wireless CCTV cameras. Most are wired. However some IP cameras are wireless.
Can I view my camera feeds on my phone?
Yes, providing your DVR is connected to your home INTERNET you can view footage via your phone when connected to WiFi or 3G/4G.
Can I link my alarm and CCTV kit together?
Yes, you will need to purchase the CCTV/Alarm Link Adaptor and have it configured.
Can I increase the storage on my DVR?
Yes, all Intex Alarms DVR Hard drives can be upgraded to a maximum of 4TB storage.
Can I backup the footage from the DVR?
Yes, via the USB port on the back of the DVR.
How many days recording will I be able to have on my DVR system?
This varies dependent upon the number of cameras simultaneously recording at any one time, and at what level of quality/detail they are recording.
How do I connect my CCTV system to my TV?
Via the HDMI/VGA Ports on the back of the DVR.
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